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So you thought Rick Dempsey's days of entertaining America ended the day he started worrying about breaking a hip on a wet tarp at old Memorial Stadium?

Think again! 

Thanks to the wonders of Bad Idea jeans, the old Orioles catcher has released a holiday album just in time for your Christmas celebration. It's titled "Home Run Holiday" and it was released earlier this fall with the help of the Deanna Bogart Band. 

From "Funky Rudolph" and "Jingle Boogie" — listen to song snippets here — Dempsey's voice actually sounds better than you'd expect from a guy who spent a career donning the tools of ignorance.

(And you can barely blame the 1983 World Seris MVP for all the schmaltz — at least not after he managed to stay in the spotlight by saying and doing controversial things.)

But Orioles Magic it is sadly not and I'd still rather see Slick Rick trying to impersonate Babe Ruth than Burl Ives. Leave the baseball musicfying to Bernie Williams(notes) (or The Booog Pows!).

Here's a clip of Dempsey explaining the thinking behind his latest endeavor:

A big BLS head nod to B&C's Pat Smith for the redirect.

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