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When people talk about the "good old days," I always assume that they're called the "good old days" because it was much more permissible to bring animals into bars and have them belly up alongside you. Don't believe me?

Check out this picture.

Or this one.

Still not convinced?

Dear Stewies, I would suggest that a bar isn't really a bar unless it has a prominent B&W photo of a long-since-dead Mr. Ed surrounded by cheering and drunken men wearing hats (who are probably also dead).

Pictures of men walking through the door with bagged pheasants and bucks also qualify. (Thereby christening 99% of the bars in Minnesota and Wisconsin with 'Duk's "real" bar status.)

Which brings us to today's Create-a-Caption and its new offshoot, Retro Fridays. The above picture is of controversial former A's owner Charlie Finley, his beloved mule Charlie-O and an unidentified oat tender. The AP info says it was taken April 27, 1965 at the Americana Hotel in New York.

If you can't appreciate a picture of a man toasting his mule ... well ...

So have at it, amateur Internet copywriters of the world, how should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Wednesday's C-a-C:

Nolan Ryan ponders his inescapable fate

1st — HockeyKnowItAll.

Today: Astros vs. Rangers — Tomorrow: Proctologist

2nd — Big Sean.  

"Hmmmmmm......I wonder what Josh Hamilton has for off-speed stuff"

3rd — Nick. 

I'm the greatest pitcher who ever lived, what in the hell am I doing at a Rangers game!?!

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