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If it seems like the "Year of the Cycle," it probably is, at least within your lifetime.

Orioles outfielder Felix Pie(notes) completed the seventh cycle in the major leagues this season in Baltimore's 16-6 victory against the Los Angeles Angels on Friday night, making 2009 the most cycle-proflic year since 1933.

That season, eight cycles (and their sidecars, as was common back in the day) vroomed around the bases. Our boys still have time to tie or better the record, which was first set in 1890.

Here's video of Pie's effort. Here's the ever-growing list of cycles.

Pie went 4-for-5 with four RBIs and three runs scored, so his cycle isn't as gaudy as the one compiled by Troy Tulowitzki on Monday. Like Tulo, Pie completed the cycle with a triple. Unlike Tulo, Pie said he was caught unaware of his accomplishment until his third-base coach told him.

"I didn't know I hit for the cycle," Pie said. "Juan Samuel tells me and I say, 'Wow. Really?' It’s exciting, you know."

Pie lifted his arm in triumph and waved to the cheering fans from third base. But his enthusiasm was blunted when he looked at Angels manager Mike Scioscia staring from the dugout.

"It's a special time for me but I'm sad because I showed too much emotion on the field,” Pie said. "I apologize to Mike Scioscia and the players on the other team. It’s part of the game, emotion, but I showed too much."

Sounds like "Humble Pie" to me. Later, perhaps because of his yummy sounding looking last name, Pie received two pies in the face from teammates. Well, the first one kind of missed the mark.

Anybody want Pie (in the face)?

Pie, which is Spanish for "foot," isn't pronounced like grandma's dessert. It's sounded out like "P-yay" — as in, "yay, the fourth cycle in Orioles history! Way to go, P!"

Shaving cream in the face is better than having someone throw shoes at you.

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