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Mr. Fix-It: Hamilton’s slam triggers big home improvement promoFree flooring and countertops for everybody!

Or at least for those Lone Star State residents who had the faith and foresight to purchase home improvement items from CC Carpet, a Texas-area chain that promised to refund the money from its customers' September purchases if Josh Hamilton(notes) hit a grand slam during the month.

Well, the Texas Rangers slugger rewarded his fans for putting their money where their mouth is, launching a fourth-inning grand slam in Wednesday's 9-1 win over the Cleveland Indians. Steve Fitzgerald, the owner of CC Carpet, tells ESPN Dallas that the slam will let his customers off the hook for an estimated $500,000 worth of purchases.

Those are some big savings for Hamilton fans, but insuring that boast was a small price for Fitzgerald to pay. The successful promo has generated an avalanche of attention he could have never paid for. After Hamilton's homer cleared the wall, CC Carpet's website crashed from all of the traffic and several national outlets have given the feat some prime real estate. Hamilton was even asked about his beneficent blast after the game.

"The situation doesn't come up often, so when it does you can't help but think about it," he said. "I'm in the business of giving back. I like to help people as much as I can by giving back. So that's cool."

Since he purchased insurance to limit his risk, Fitzgerald tells ESPN the only downside of the moment was that it occurred on Sept. 14, so customers only had two weeks — and not the entire month — to qualify for the promotion. But it's not like Hamilton has a chance to hit grand slams every day. He's only come to the plate with the bases loaded 11 times this season, bringing his five-year total to 62 chances. Tuesday's granny was also the third of his career — and first since 2008.

Look below for the original commercial where Steve Fitzgerald tells his 27-year-old daughter Morgan of his plan to include Hamilton in the promotion.

"Are you crazy?" she asks.

Perhaps not.

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