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When you surf baseball videos on YouTube as much as I do, you quickly learn that most "fan fight" clips are the biggest tease this side of Ben Sheets' first few starts of the season. Most are shot from a few sections over, feature only screams from people who can't even see the scrum and more or less look like they were captured from a fault line in the middle of an earthquake.

Yet every now and then comes a stadium fight so awesome that you swear it was staged by Ang Lee himself. Punches actually being landed! Bodies flying over railings! The out-of-control shouts of blood thirst that can only be borne on the East Coast!  

Ladies and gentlemen, this Red Sox-Yankees fan fracas featuring some of the world's biggest cavemen is one of those fights ...

(Please note that clip is best viewed with your lights dimmed and a crowd around your work computer.)

I'm not sure what I could possibly add that would make that video a more fascinating study in beer-fueled idiocy than it already was. So just forward and forward this post to your heart's content while wondering how these morons were ever able to make enough money to attend a Yankees game.

A big BLS nod goes to Busted Coverage for the sac fly.

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