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We're having some Turkey-Germany Euro '08-type difficulties here on the Stew this morning, so while we bang away with some wrenches, enjoy this video of the three athletes who used to lord over the greater Houston area.

As You've Been Blinded notes:

"The execs at H.E.B. probably felt pretty good about getting David Carr, Andy Pettitte, and Roger Clemens together to sing about taking their meat to a ball game. Fast-forward a couple of years and the commercial features a NY Giants backup quarterback, an admitted HGH user, and a probable performance enhancing drug user. That roster isn’t appealing now, but these were three of the biggest names in Houston at one time. I know this because H.E.B. kept putting them in commercials."

Make sure to jump on over to YBB, because they've got more — four additional ads, to be exact — where this came from. 

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