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It slipped by us earlier — All-Star game prep? — but San Francisco Giants radio man Jon Miller basically accused the Colorado Rockies of cheating last week.

Miller, who also famously anchors ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball" coverage, said during an interview on KNBR radio that he and the Giants suspect the Rockies of smuggling baseballs into games that were not kept in the Coors Field humidor.

The humidor was installed during the 2002 season, and its effects have been shown to lessen the impact of Denver's high altitude. Ever since, home runs have been way down at Coors. Usually, at least.

Miller's accusation came in the wake of Colorado's recent offensive spike — particularly the nine-run comeback against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The relevant portion of Miller's 15-minute KNBR interview starts at the 9:55 mark.

Here's part of a transcript:

"You know, there's a feeling that the Rockies are doing something with the humidor-stored baseballs and sometimes, that perhaps late in these games when the Rockies need some help, some non-humidor baseballs are being slipped into the mix," Miller said. "You know, nobody's been able to prove it, so it would be interesting to say or hear what Tony LaRussa would have to say about it right now."

"Nobody's been able to prove it," Miller says. Well, that's a key point, isn't it? Miller offers no proof — though he's willing to drag Tony LaRussa into his conspiracy theory — and yet he insists Major League Baseball should do something about it.

"To me, this is something baseball needs to address, because if they can do that ... the mere fact that it's possible, that perhaps they could do it, is enough to say, 'We need to have new procedures in place there,'" Miller said.

But is it possible? MLB already monitors how the Rockies care for the game balls. Troy Renck of the Denver Post writes, probably for the millionth time, the Rockies hand over control of the baseballs to the umpires before the game.

Regardless, Miller calls for all Coors gamers to be put in a bag on a stool behind home plate.

"The umpire goes back, he gets the balls, he knows where they've been," Miller said. "Nobody can fool around with them. They've been sitting out there in plain sight."

He also suggests, half-jokingly, a bag that doubles as a humidor. Funny. Miller also pretended to concede that it's possible the Rockies might be getting hot.

"Anyway, maybe the Rockies are doing extremely well and they're going to start a roll here, but there is a question now," Miller said. "And I really suppose, I think, even from the Cardinals... even the Giants have some questions about it. I'd like to see, maybe, baseball take some action on that."

"Even the Giants," Miller says. Have they lodged a formal complaint yet — or is this it?

Ralph Routon of the Colorado Springs Independent calls on Miller to apologize for making such accusations without proof. Otherwise, he writes, Miller should face discipline.

Unless someone corroborates Miller's theory, I agree.

And I have the perfect sentence: Miller should be made to call the next Giants-Rockies game from inside the Coors Field humidor. While tied up in a burlap bag. With Joe Morgan.

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