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Well, no one can accuse Bobby Valentine of going all Bloomberg on this latest storm out East.

Just weeks after taking a post as public safety director in Stamford, Conn., the ESPN analyst and former New York Mets manager was spotted directing traffic on a snowy street in his hometown on Thursday morning. That he's taking his duties seriously should come as no surprise — Valentine was born in Stamford, owns businesses there and is considered a local hero. No way would he sit home with his fellow citizens in distress.

The Stamford Advocate has some good photos of Bobby V. at work and one uninformed CBS reporter actually corralled him for an interview out on the street (video here).

It includes this hilariously awkward and awesome exchange:

Reporter: "Bobby, what are you doing out there?"

Bobby Valentine: (blank stare) "This is my job." 

Anyway, good for Bobby. The loss of all the teams that passed him up for a job this offseason is clearly the gain of that lost woman in the Chrysler Sebring.

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