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How much does Geoff Jenkins look like Brett Favre?

Enough that he agreed to a mock press conference this afternoon announcing his reaction to the retirement of the Packers' great and his well-known doppelganger.

"I'm crushed," Jenkins told me and a few Phillies beat writers here in Orlando before playing the Braves. "What can you say? The man was tremendous.

"Seeing how good the (Packers') running game was getting and the defense, too, he could have come back, but who knows?"

Twenty minutes earlier, Jenkins had been signing autographs for fans when he was asked the question he's heard the most in his life. 

"Has anyone ever told you look like Brett Favre?" inquired one fan.

"A few times," the Phillies outfielder said before grinning at a few reporters standing nearby. "A few times."

The great thing is that Jenkins has always taken the similarities in stride.  Rarely does he look like he'd have preferred looking like an anonymous butcher from Brookfield or an accountant from Ashwaubenon.

It's certainly understandable, though, why the retirement of Favre hits close to home. Since Jenkins arrived in Milwaukee in 1998, he's cleaned up on his resemblance to the most popular man in Wisconsin. A few times he even jokingly signed Favre's signature for confused fans. 

"I’ve had lunch, dinner, different stuff bought for me and the check’ll be paid for," Jenkins said. "Right from the go, they’d just drop a note on the table, because they didn't want to bother ('Brett'). It said, 'Great games last year' but I had just gotten there."

There's a certain sect of people in Wisconsin who believe that Favre and Jenkins are long-lost twins. Some even think they're the same person. (Though that notion is disproved by the fact that Favre would probably be better at hitting left-handed pitching.)

To be clear, Jenkins isn't thinking of also retiring, though he didn't directly answer a question if he feels pain if an injury happens to Brett Favre or vice versa.

"Like if it's a cold day and his ankle is bothering him, you mean? he asked.

At that point, Shane Victorino interrupted the press conference with a well-tossed ball into Jenkins' unprotected crotch, thereby ending the press conference and Favre's hopes of having any more nephews.

But if Favre doubles over in pain later at Lambeau Field, at least we'll know why.

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