A minor league broadcaster was on the air when a foul ball destroyed his laptop

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Roger Hoover’s laptop was destroyed by a baseball while he was on the air calling a minor league game. (Twitter/@Roger_Hoover)
Roger Hoover’s laptop was destroyed by a baseball while he was on the air calling a minor league game. (Twitter/@Roger_Hoover)

In the battle between a baseball screaming through the air and a laptop, the baseball is always going to win. So goes the story of minor league broadcaster Roger Hoover, who witnessed such a battle on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the laptop belonged to him, and he was on the air when the baseball struck.

Hoover is the play-by-play broadcaster for the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, the Double-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins. He was in the broadcast booth at Hank Aaron Stadium, where the Shrimp were playing the Mobile BayBears, when a foul ball was hit straight back to where he was sitting. He called all the action just like he would if the ball was in play, only the ball completely destroyed his laptop.

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You have to hand it to Roger Hoover: he’s a consummate professional. One of the most important (not to mention expensive) items he owns was pulverized by a foul ball, and he kept calling the game. He handled it with grace and humor, when most people would be cursing a blue streak or weeping and cradling their broken laptop in their arms.

Here’s the transcript of the laptop incident, in all its glory.

“Swing and it’s fouled [sound of shuffling and the ball hitting the laptop] straight back, and … off my computer, oh my goodness. [Ten seconds of silence while Hoover assesses the damage and realizes that this is, in fact, his life right now.] That just happened. [Genuine laughter.] So my computer is, uh, completely cracked. I tried to put my hand up and stop the baseball and it went straight back, and now that one almost came back. And this just became one of the worst days I’ve had in quite some time.”

Hoover even tweeted a picture of his pulverized laptop, and it’s intense.

The most amazing part of the entire incident? His laptop still works! Well, sort of.

Hoover typed up his game notes on his destroyed computer while it was plugged into his hotel room TV! Now THAT’S dedication. Someone get the man a new laptop!

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