Mike McCarthy sidesteps question about his job security

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy has generated three straight 12-5 seasons. He also has gone one-and-out in two of the last three years.

After today's stunning home loss to the Packers, during which the Dallas defense gave up 48 points, McCarthy was asked about his job security.

“I think the biggest thing is, you know, we're disappointed," McCarthy told reporters. "I got a whole team in the locker room that's hurting. I haven’t thought past the outcome of this game.”

He needs to. He has one year left on his contract. It's hard to envision him getting an extension. It's easy to imagine the Cowboys making a change.

"I don't think anybody saw this coming," McCarthy said. "You got to give Green Bay credit. They came in here hot. And this, you just saw on film over the past month. You know, they executed, and we didn't. So, we didn't get it done in any of the phases. We're hurting, we're disappointed, every man.”

Were the Cowboys flat?

“I wouldn’t say we were we flat," McCarthy said. "There was energy. They made more plays than we did. The big play production; we were minus-three [in turnovers] at halftime. We just didn’t get the stops. Didn’t get it to a two-score game quick enough. So, you know the turnovers and all the things . . . like I said, we did not play to our capabilities."

But it's the coach's job to get his team to always play to its capabilities. Which underscores the question of whether it's time for owner Jerry Jones to hire a coach who will get more out of his team.