Mets release New York-inspired City Connect jerseys | Baseball Bar-B-Cast

Yahoo Sports senior MLB analysts Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman react to the newly released New York Mets City Connect jerseys that pay homage to Queens and New York City. Hear the full conversation on the “Baseball Bar-B-Cast” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

JORDAN SHUSTERMAN: The Met City Connect jerseys have officially come out. Jake, shall we click on this link together and react to these jerseys live on this show?

JAKE MINTZ: Let's click.

JORDAN SHUSTERMAN: OK, I see Francisco Lindor looking like he's sitting at a subway stop. What do we think of these? I believe we are leaning all the way into the 7 Line. And OK, I'm clicking here. All right. What do we-- Wow. Oh, my gosh. OK. So these are the least colorful City Connect jerseys. I guess the Reds have their all blacks with like the red trim.

JAKE MINTZ: Orioles.

JORDAN SHUSTERMAN: Orioles are all black, and they have the white with like the orange and like the-- kind of like the Maryland flag, right? As like the trim. These are very interesting. They're leaning into the 7 Line. What do you think?

JAKE MINTZ: Yeah, I like them. I think these are good. They won't be dunked on, which I think is important.

JORDAN SHUSTERMAN: That's not true. Every uniform gets dunked on, no matter what.

JAKE MINTZ: That's true.

JORDAN SHUSTERMAN: So I'm just telling you that right now. But-- but I think I know what you're getting at.

JAKE MINTZ: I think they're a little too safe. I love the tops. They remind me a little bit of the Nationals City Connect ones with the WSH and the gray and the pink. I think they should have given more purple.


JAKE MINTZ: I need more purple than this. And I hate the hats. I absolutely hate the hats with the bridge under the NY. I can't stand them. I get what they're going for there, but I don't like the hats. I love the top. Like the tops are great. I like that they're going to be with white pants. Good job. These are good. These are good. They're good. Thoughts for you. What do you got?

JORDAN SHUSTERMAN: Uh, yeah, I think they're fine. I think they should have like-- instead of just the purple like we should have actually had a seven. Like every Jersey should-- they should all wear number seven.

JAKE MINTZ: Maybe one day we'll all wear number seven.