Max Holloway urges fans to stop making threats over his controversial loss at UFC 251: 'This is not OK'

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Max Holloway appreciates fans having his back, but not when they take things too far. Holloway urged fans to keep it respectful on social media following Holloway’s controversial loss at UFC 251.

Holloway, 28, sent the tweets after landing in Las Vegas on Monday morning. He began his statement by calling out fans who threatened reporters who believed Alexander Volkanovski deserved to win Sunday’s fight.

Holloway then put things into perspective, explaining life isn’t fair, but he’s doing better than most. Despite the loss, Holloway said he’s grateful to have his health. He also feels like he proved himself at UFC 251.

Sunday’s fight ended in a controversial manner, as Volkanovski defeated Holloway in a split decision at UFC 251. After five rounds, two judges scored it 48-47 for Volkanovski. One judge scored it 48-47 for Holloway. Yahoo Sports scored it 49-46 for Holloway.

Volkanovski retained the featherweight title with the win.

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