Marlins move series with Brewers to Milwaukee due to Hurricane Irma

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The Miami Marlins will not play their upcoming weekend series against the Milwaukee Brewers at home due to weather conditions caused by Hurricane Irma. Instead, the team and Major League Baseball have decided the games will be played in Milwaukee.

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In a statement, Marlins President David Samson explained he felt it was in the best interest of the Miami community to move the games.

Samson said that team employees had other priorities at this time, and working a series at the park was not important right now. As Samson notes, the team will return to Marlins Park on Monday to play the New York Mets. They are only relocating for this one series.

It’s not the first series to be relocated due to hurricanes this season. The Houston Astros and Texas Rangers played one series in Tampa Bay after Hurricane Harvey. The Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees had to move a series to neutral Citi Field after Hurricane Irma forced the Rays to play away from Florida.

This situation is a bit different, however, as the two clubs did not choose a neutral site. Instead of moving the game elsewhere, the Marlins have opted to provide the Brewers with another home series.

The Marlins will play what was supposed to be a home series against the Brewers at Miller Park. (AP Photo)
The Marlins will play what was supposed to be a home series against the Brewers at Miller Park. (AP Photo)

This could cause a fair amount of controversy among both the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. With all three teams fighting for the National League Central, we can’t imagine Chicago or St. Louis will appreciate the Brewers being gifted with a surprise home series this late in the year.

On top of that, the Brewers and Cubs have built up some bad blood regarding schedule changes this season. Despite the circumstances involved here, we can’t imagine this one going over well.

Major League Baseball already agreed to move the series, so there’s nothing the Cubs or Cardinals can do at this time. Considering the reason the series was moved, it’s probably in their best interest to remain quiet and settle their frustrations on the field with the NL Central crown in reach.

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