Man goes viral for his 'rude' joke about tipping waitress

It's hard to believe but not everything you see on the internet is true. One man learned why dishonesty on social media can come back to bite you. TikToker Tony C. posted a joke and it did not go over well. People were convinced a receipt he supposedly left a restaurant was real. a detail in the video is a dead giveaway of its inauthenticity. Now his prank sparked a debate about how much you should tip servers. "Wrong food, waiting forever, rude waitresses, so sad!" he wrote in the caption. The footage showed him leaving a "negative tip." The price of the meal was $32.49. He left a tip of "-$32.49" and listed the total amount as "$0". if you look closely you can see that it says "customer receipt." the server would likely never even see the receipt since the one the restaurant uses is the "merchant" copy. Despite the video being a joke, people still weighed in on the matter of tipping. "Tell me you've never worked in customer service without telling me you've never worked in customer service," a person commented