Luke Kornet gives his thoughts on candy corn: ‘It’s got a great PR team’

Boston Celtics big man Luke Kornet didn’t mince words when he broke down his thoughts on candy corn during a video created by the team. The Kentucky native made his thoughts clear on the popular Halloween fare, proclaiming, “candy corn is not great.”

Originally called “chicken feed,” candy corn has been around since the late 1800s, and is part of a long history of themed confectionaries inspired by America’s rural roots. Once recent estimate found that over 35 million pounds of candy corn are made for consumption every year. Just because they make the stuff doesn’t mean you have to like it, however.

Kornet certainly doesn’t enjoy the Halloween treat. “I don’t think a lot of people are fans of candy corn,” Kornet said. “For some reason, it’s just a thing?”

Kornet isn’t the only member of the Celtics who isn’t impressed by candy corn. Marcus Smart made waves when he dismissed the treat a few years ago.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire