Lions will unveil new uniforms for season-ticket holders on April 18

The Lions are getting new uniforms, and their highest-paying customers will get dibs on seeing them first.

Yes, one of the perks for paying a "hefty" price increase for season tickets is an invitation to see the unveiling of the new uniforms.

Via Justin Rogers of the Detroit News, the team has sent an exclusive invitation to season-ticket holders on Thursday morning. The event happens at Ford Field on April 18.

Some of the players have seen the new uniforms, while attending a two-day multimedia shoot. The team locked up the devices of those who attended in order to prevent leaks.

Jared Ramsey of the Detroit Free Press notes that team president Rod Wood said the team will continue to use the Honolulu Blue and silver color scheme "with a little updating and twists."

Hopefully, they'll look more traditional. More likely, it'll be another example of the ongoing Nikefication of the NFL. We'll find out in less than three weeks.