Lexus RX 2023 drive mode touchscreen review and reaction

That lovely little drive mode barrel knob Lexus uses is no more. Now? Touchscreen! It's worse. For more visit #lexus #lexusrx #rx

Video Transcript

- Let's talk drive modes in the new Lexus RX now. Older Lexus' had like a barrel knob right here. It was pretty cool. You Turned it, and different drive modes would appear. That's not here anymore. And then there was the last RX had a rotary knob here that went between drive modes. And it's not here anymore. This doesn't have anything to do with that. So instead, you have to go into the touch screen.

First this, and then there's your drive modes. You can pick here. Before, you could set a custom. This thing will spin and spin and spin. I've been, I don't know, five of these are RXs today, different variations. They're all spinning, spinning. I don't know what happens when it stops spinning. So yeah, I got this is-- I like the knobs before they're there, down there. This is a step backwards.