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LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend claims 'he set me up'

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The ex-girlfriend of LeSean McCoy told police that she suspected the Buffalo Bills star had “set me up,” according to exchanges between a 911 dispatcher and Delicia Cordon on the Tuesday morning robbery and assault inside McCoy’s suburban Atlanta home.

In almost 11 minutes of the exchanges before officers arrived, Cordon reported her robbery and beating and expressed concern that her teenage son might have been taken by the intruder. As officers arrived, Cordon expressed concern about going outside, fearing that McCoy would be watching her on surveillance cameras outside the home.

“Ma’am I have cameras all outside my house, and my boyfriend – who I feel like did this, who set me up – is going to see, like on the cameras outside,” Cordon told a dispatcher. “I really feel like – we’re breaking up and he wants all his jewelry back. Oh my god. … I don’t want to step outside. He’s got cameras outside and he can see me.”

McCoy denies any connection to the incident.

Cordon could also be heard saying on the call that neighbors had external surveillance cameras – a detail that could ultimately prove important as police move to identify the man who assaulted Cordon. During the call, she described the intruder as a short black male wearing a mask.

LeSean McCoy and Delicia Cordon have been locked in a domestic dispute for over a year, according to court records. (Getty)
LeSean McCoy and Delicia Cordon have been locked in a domestic dispute for over a year, according to court records. (Getty)

The call was released by the Milton Police Department on Thursday, along with three other police reports showing the department had responded to domestic-related calls at the address on at least three other occasions from July of 2017 through June of 2018. The reports detailed what appeared to be a tense relationship between McCoy and Cordon for over a year. Among the details of the reports:

• Police responded to a domestic disturbance call on the evening of July 3, 2017, and were met by McCoy and a pile of Cordon’s clothing outside the home. Cordon was not initially present, but McCoy told officers that he and Cordon were in the midst of a breakup. McCoy also told police he was in the process of evicting Cordon and had been attempting to recover jewelry from her, but was concerned that she would “make false accusations about him” and was “being careful around her given the climate of domestic abuse in his profession.”

“He stated that his girlfriend followed him to Las Vegas and that she had been accusing him of cheating on her,” the report stated. “… He went on to advise us that jewelers often times loan them high end jewelry items to wear for events. He stated that Cordon had some of these jewelry items and had not returned them. He stated that he has asked her multiple times for them but that she has not yet returned them.”

Officers advised McCoy that if he was fearful of false accusations from Cordon he should stay away from her or be in the presence of other witnesses when they are together. It was also suggested that McCoy stay elsewhere until the domestic issues were resolved. During the interaction with McCoy, Cordon returned to the residence, and it was discovered that she had an outstanding traffic warrant. She was ultimately arrested at the scene and transported to jail by the officers for that warrant.

• On the afternoon of April 11, 2018, officers responded to a call from Cordon regarding McCoy trying to remove furniture from the residence. When police arrived, McCoy and Cordon told officers that the argument had been resolved amicably and no further action was taken.

• On the morning of June 1, 2018, police responded to a call from Cordon, who alerted authorities that she could see furniture being taken from the house on a surveillance camera. Cordon made the call from out of town. McCoy was also out of town at the time of the report. When police arrived, they spoke with McCoy’s mother, who said she was removing furniture belonging to her son, so that he “did not have to deal with Delicia [Cordon].”

McCoy’s mother also told officers that her son was moving out and selling the house, and that Cordon was allowed to stay until the sale was completed. Officers spoke to McCoy on the phone and instructed him that furniture was considered communal property and couldn’t be removed at that time. McCoy indicated that he was going to start a process in civil court.

Beyond the release of the reports and 911 call, the Milton Police Department has yet to make any further statements about the investigation, including whether the department has any suspects.

McCoy hired prominent Atlanta defense attorney Don Samuel but also hasn’t made any statements since his initial denial of any involvement.

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