Leaked uniform details emerge for Broncos’ new helmets

The Denver Broncos are set to unveil new uniforms on Monday (April 22) and they have been trolling their fans with teasers while we wait for the unveiling.

We already know from team president Damani Leech that the colors are staying the same and the primary logo will remain the same. Now a few more details are beginning to leak.

Mario Vetanze, a certified posture exercise professional and massage therapist who lists many Broncos players among his clients, previously leaked a few details earlier this offseason. Vetanze returned on Thursday with the following notes, citing a “reliable source.”

Vetanze clarified that he has not seen the helmets himself, but the above information is “what I have been told” from a reliable source. Unlike the Detroit Lions, who had their entire uniforms leaked by Fanatics, the Broncos are keeping visual leaks under wraps.

We’ll find out if Vetanze’s info is accurate on Monday.

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Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire