Last-minute sit/starts for Week 3: Confidence in Zack Moss?

Fantasy Football Live’s Andy Behrens and Matt Harmon make some key roster decisions ahead of Week 3.

Video Transcript



ANDY BEHRENS: It's week three. We're talking wild last minute sit start decisions. I'm Andy Behrens, joined by the great Matt Harman. Matt, who are you sending to the bench in week three, and what random weirdo are you starting in their place?

MATT HARMON: You know, it's funny. I draft a lot of Miles Sanders. And he's-- look, he's got the receiving role that I wanted. That was the whole thing, is I thought he was going to catch a lot more passes, because Bryce Young was not going to be shooting passes downfield to a zero separation Adam Thielen or a zero separation DJ Chark. Like, that was not going to happen.

This is not Miles Sanders and the Eagles offense with AJ Brown and DeVante Smith. Unfortunately, the receivers there and everything that's been going on in Carolina, has made this offense absolutely toothless so far.

I can't decide, Andy, if Bryce Young not being back there and Andy Dalton being back there is like good or bad for the offense. And if you're having to ask that question in week three of the NFL season, you're in a-- you're just down bad. You're not in a good spot.

So while I think there's a decent like match-up advantage potentially in the run game for Carolina, if they can even get the run game going, I think I'm playing Zack Moss like with some confidence, even though he's going against the Baltimore Ravens good defense there overall.

I feel like I'm playing Zack Moss with some confidence. Guy plays 98% of the snaps. Like, I just feel a little bit better about him at this point than a guy in Miles Sanders that I drafted maybe in like the seventh or sixth round.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I almost feel bad about it, but I'm playing Zack Moss this week with enthusiasm. And the guy that--

MATT HARMON: What a world.

ANDY BEHRENS: Right. The guy-- the guy that I drafted and was-- was equally enthusiastic about at the time that I drafted him, Dameon Pierce, I'm sending him to the bench in a lot of leagues this week. I got him, I got him in an unfortunate number of leagues. Still hasn't played 50% of the snaps in any given week, which is a minor problem, although we're only two weeks in.

The greater issue is that offensive line has been banged up. No Laremy Tunsil again this week. It's just-- it's just a problem. They're also letting CJ Stroud just-- just chuck it all over the yard, which is kind of fun. But it's been a really, really rough start for Dameon Pierce.

So listen, I'm playing Zack Moss over him. As you mentioned, he never leaves the field. I'm playing Gus Edwards over him. Baltimore favorite, with Justice Hill obviously sidelined by injury. I'm playing Tyler Allgeier over him. Again, with enthusiasm.

That's a guy who's actually scored a couple of touchdowns so far this year. He's got 34 touches in two weeks. It's about as run committed a team as there is. So I'm all kinds of guys that have been like waiver wire finds, I'm actually playing over Dameon Pierce this week. It hurts a little, but I think we have to do it. All right, good people, let's go get a win this week and reconvene in week four.