Lakers made Bryce James a priority during Nike’s Peach Jam

When it comes to LeBron James’ kids, most of the attention has been focused on Bronny James, who had a strong senior season at Sierra Canyon School and is headed to the University of Southern California this fall.

However, there is another member of the James clan coming up that could have even more potential as an NBA player.

Bryce James, LeBron James’ youngest son, is 16 years of age, and he is already taller than Bronny James. Depending on how he develops moving forward, he could be an even better prospect than Bronny James due to his seemingly greater physical gifts.

Bryce James played in Nike’s Peach Jam recently, and the Los Angeles Lakers zeroed in on him during the event (h/t Lakers Daily).

Via Yahoo Sports:

“Scouts from the Lakers, [Orlando] Magic, [Cleveland] Cavaliers, [Dallas] Mavericks, [Miami] Heat, [New York] Knicks, [Phoenix] Suns, [Atlanta] Hawks and other teams all made James a priority on Day 1 of games.”

LeBron James has repeatedly stated his desire to play alongside Bronny James in the NBA. It is unknown if he would also like to make an attempt to share the court with Bryce James, or even if he would want to remain in the league for that amount of time.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire