Knicks analysts caught bashing Kristaps Porzingis during commercial break

Ball Don't Lie
Someone in the control room forgot to turn off their mics during a commercial break.
Someone in the control room forgot to turn off their mics during a commercial break.

If there was ever a safe time for analysts to be honest on a broadcast, commercial breaks would be the best bet.

But for Sunday night’s broadcast of the New York Knicks117-83 blowout preseason loss to the Brooklyn Nets, that wasn’t the case.

The MSG Network Knicks analysts Alan Hahn and Wally Szczerbiak were caught during a commercial break ripping Knicks power forward Kristaps Porzingis’ less-than-stellar performance on Sunday.

The two announcers obviously didn’t know their microphones were on during a commercial break – which yes, is very odd – but regardless, the two had a very pointed conversation about Porzingis’ production.

Wally Szczerbiak and Alan Hahn ripping Kristaps Porzingis off camera on #MSG #Knicks #PreSeason Audio attached

— Steven Neco Cortez (@LifeAsKorleone) October 9, 2017

“The other thing you could do is just kill Porzingis for being minus-20 in 16 minutes,” Hahn said during the commercial break. “Dude, like come on, man. You’re a star. This is what you’re doing? You’re just out there? (He’s got) a lot to learn.”

“Minus-20 — for him, he should never let his team…,” Szczerbiak said as the next advertisement started to play.

Porzingis may have had an excuse for his play. A sore hip forced the 22-year-old out of the game for the second half. He had six points and three blocks in the first half. Porzingis sat out the Knicks’ previous game against the Washington Wizards to rest the soreness that had been bothering him since last week.

The New York Daily News reported Porzingis would be meeting with a doctor before the Knicks hosted the Houston Rockets Monday night. Porzingis ended up missing Monday’s game against the Rockets.

“He’s having some issues lifting his leg,” Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek told ESPN.

Hornacek told ESPN that is hopeful that Porzingis will be able to play in the Knicks’ Friday preseason finale against the Washington Wizards.

Hahn addressed the situation on his Facebook page Monday and said he didn’t mind his comments being heard.

Ah, yes, KP. Let’s get to it. Wally and I took him to task last night on the halftime show for being -20 in 16 minutes (some of you may have caught a preview of that thanks to a hot mic during the game broadcast….it’s nothing we didn’t also say on air during halftime and also nothing I wouldn’t have tweeted or said here.)
Anyway…KP had some good moments (3 blocked shots, including one that started a terrific break that ended in a Hardaway Jr. alley-oop), but the sore hip that knocked him out of the second half is a concern. We showed an interview on-air of KP saying he wants to be an all-star this season and to be an all-star you have to have all of your abilities on display. The most important ability? Your availability.

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