Key storylines for Sunday's NBA Draft Lottery

Yahoo Sports NBA draft analyst Krysten Peek breaks down what to watch for heading into this weekend's NBA Draft Lottery.

Video Transcript

The NBA draft lottery is taking place Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern in Chicago.

Unlike last year when everyone tuned in to see where Victor Wimba Yama would land this year is significantly different with no clear cut.

Number one pick, 7 ft one, French center Alex star played one year for the Perth Wildcats in Australia's national basketball league and is one of the players projected at the top.

He's an elite rim protector, an extended pick and pop game and held his own against former pros in the NBL.

This year, Zachary Rasher, a 6 ft nine wing out of France is the other player projected at the top along with Sar Rash is the best catch and shoot forward in this draft class and is averaging 40% from three point range on 3.5 attempts per game.

Possibly the first college player taken off the board this year is uconn freshman, Stefan Castle, the 6 ft six shooting guard was one of the best defensive guards in college hoops this year and was one of the biggest stock risers in the NCAA tournament with how well he played while helping lead uconn to back to back titles.

The Detroit Pistons and Washington Wizards have the best chance at landing the number one pick with a 14% chance each after having the worst regular season records.

This NBA season, the NBA draft lottery will be broadcast live on ESPN at 3 p.m. Eastern.

As the order of the lottery is revealed by NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum.

He'll reveal the sealed envelopes announcing the draft lottery results in descending order.

the NBA draft will take place June 26th and 27th in New York.

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