Kevin Durant set to return three weeks to the day after slipping before Suns home debut I The Rush

Kevin Durant is set to return three weeks to the day after a slip-and-fall accident on the court forced the star to postpone his Suns home debut, the women’s NCAA tournament has record television ratings and a reporter has revealed the secret sauce behind the Bruins’ magical season on the ice … you’ll have to see it to believe it!

Video Transcript

- Suns keep it alive, though. Durant trailing late in the play, comes inside, and the first points in a Suns uniform for KD.



JARED QUAY: Today is the day, my friends. Kevin Durant is expected to participate in his first game in Phoenix as a Suns player.

- Oh, wow. Total deja vu.

JARED QUAY: It's true. I said the same thing back on Wednesday, March 8, which was the first time KD was supposed to make his home game debut for the Suns, until he slipped and fell during a pregame drill, injuring his ankle.


Now here we are, three weeks later to the day, and KD is expected to play tonight as the Suns host a surging Timberwolves team who is riding a four-game win streak into Phoenix. All I know is them ball boys better mop the hell out of that floor and Footprint Center.

- I got it. I got it.

JARED QUAY: You can watch that game tonight on ESPN, the same network broadcasting the Women's NCAA Basketball Tournament. Ratings for this year's tourney are through the roof, with the Sweet 16 averaging 1.2 million viewers per game, up 73% from last year.

- Go girl.

JARED QUAY: And according to, the Elite Eight game between 2-seed Iowa and 5-seed Louisville drew 2.5 million viewers, which is more than any NBA game that aired on ESPN this season.

- Damn!

JARED QUAY: I'm sure the Suns hope to draw lots of eyeballs tonight with KD coming back, but 2.5 mil? Look, y'all better sign Caitlin Clark to a 10-day contract. The Boston Bruins are having a record season and currently have 10 more wins than the next best team in the NHL. Hockey writer Pete Blackburn offered his peek behind the curtains to show us the B's dirty little secret. The team drinks beer at breakfast. Hockey players are notorious for their ability to throw down adult beverages, but this is next level.

This ain't like baseball where you can nurse a hangover by snacking in the dugout all afternoon. These guys are flying across the ice on teeny metal blades at 25 miles an hour and slamming into boards and each other and drinking beer with their pancakes. I mean, it's kind of crazy, but it might be genius. Who knows? Maybe there's some scientific study that shows beer in the morning makes your day better. I would like for that to happen.