Kevin Durant misses “talking sh*t” during wild Nets loss to 76ers I The Rush

Sidelined Nets star Kevin Durant live tweeted that he misses ‘talking sh*t” during Brooklyn’s game in Philadelphia, which was as chippy as you’d imagine with a combined seven technical fouls called. Kyrie Irving scored 30 points in Brooklyn’s loss on the same day his agent says she’s reached out to the Nets about extending the guard’s contract… but hasn’t heard back.

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- One of the best pickups of the offseason. Embiid in the lane. Gets the bounce, and 1.


JARED QUAY: Coming as no surprise to anyone, Wednesday's Nets versus 76ers game was entertaining as hell. It was the first NBA game of the year where both teams scored 40 points in the first quarter. So you can imagine that took a hot minute, right? A 40 minute, first quarter to be exact, prompting injured Nets star Kevin Durant to tweet about it.

One reason why the game lasted nearly three hours was because dudes were chippy and being hit with technical fouls left and right. Seven in total. Of course, the rapper trash talk gave a sideline KD all the feelings and I get it. What job outside of pro sports allows you to talk your [BLEEP] without getting fired. KD better get back on that court soon to talk that trash and help his team win games because Brooklyn could have used him as the Nets lost to the Sixers in a nail biter, 137 to 133.

- On the money! Back to back triple for James Harden!

JARED QUAY: Kyrie Irving put up 30 points and dropped 10 assists in the loss, pleading his case that the Nets should put a big bucks to keep him. The guard is in the final year of his contract and his step mom slash agent Shatila Irving told Bleacher Report that she's reached out to the Nets about an extension but hasn't heard back.

- Ghosted

JARED QUAY: Kyrie's a hell of a talent on the basketball court, but he's also a hella high maintenance.

- It's one way to put it.

JARED QUAY: This season he was suspended for eight games after sharing a link to anti-Semitic content and refusing to apologize. Last season Kyrie missed 65% of the Nets regular season games because he refused to get vaccinated against COVID 19. So the question is, do the Nets think Kyrie skills are worth putting up with his nonsense while paying him about $200 million on a maximum contract?

- What a move by Irving with the reverse layup.

JARED QUAY: For $200 million, I will take Kyrie's vaccinations for him, I will manage his social media account and I'll take diversity training classes just for him. Man, I rolled my ankle just so he don't have to, all right? In fact for $200 million, I'll be the whole Nets staff. I'll be the coach, the assistant coach. You wanna see what $200 million--