Kenny Stills gets back at coach Brian Flores by playing Nas in Dolphins locker room

Miami Dolphins wideout Kenny Stills wasn’t going to be trolled by his coach. A day after Brian Flores played Jay-Z songs during practice, Stills responded by playing Nas in the team’s locker room, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

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The trolling war started after Stills criticized Jay-Z for entering a partnership with the NFL. Stills said Jay-Z “didn’t seem very informed” when he made that decision. After signing the deal, Jay-Z said he believed NFL players were “past kneeling.

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Flores responded to Stills by playing eight straight Jay-Z songs to open practice Tuesday.

Stills got back at his coach Wednesday by playing Nas in the Dolphins’ locker room. Jay-Z and Nas had a lengthy rap feud that included a number of shots and diss tracks. Jay-Z and Nas have reconciled, though it took many years.

Jay-Z isn’t the only person the 27-year-old Stills has criticized during the preseason. He also called out Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’ support of President Donald Trump. Stills took issue with Ross supporting the president and being part of a non-profit that promotes equality. Stills and Ross met, but “agreed to disagree” on the issue.

Given all that, it’s unclear what’s going on with both Flores and Stills right now. Are the two merely engaging in some good-natured trolling, or is this the start of a decade-long feud?


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