Kellen Moore: We’re really excited about Saquon Barkley's ability to run the football

The Eagles signed Saquon Barkley to be another dynamic piece going forward after the team struggled through the end of 2023.

New offensive coordinator Kellen Moore said in a press conference last week that he's anticipating Barkley to excel as Philadelphia's lead rusher.

“Saquon is a premier running back, first and foremost,” Moore said. “We’re really excited about his ability to run the football. Obviously behind this offensive line, he’s done a tremendous job. They have such cohesion and done a great job up front. He’s going to be a great running back."

With Moore previously in the NFC East for years with the Cowboys, he and the rest of the Eagles staff are plenty familiar with the strengths Barkley displayed with the Giants.

“We know the aspects that make him great,” Moore said. "It’s his ability to be a great pass protector, to be a receiver out of the backfield. He does a phenomenal job with those things. Obviously, we’ve got to try to utilize him as much as we can while understanding it’s a long season for running backs.

“We’ve got great guys behind him in Kenny [Gainwell] and Will [Shipley] and all the guys back there that we’re excited about. We’re fortunate to have Saquon.”

Barkley has rushed for 5,211 yards with 35 touchdowns and caught 288 passes for 2,100 yards with 12 TDs in 74 career games.