Keenan Allen: I'm coming off my best season, I wasn't taking pay cut with Chargers

Wide receiver Keenan Allen said at the end of the 2023 season that he wanted to remain with the Chargers, but there was one thing he wasn't willing to do in order to remain in Los Angeles.

Edge rushers Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack took pay cuts to help the Chargers get their cap situation in shape. Allen said at a Saturday press conference that the Chargers made a similar overture to him, but that was something he was unwilling to do after catching 108 passes for 1,243 yards in 13 games last season.

“It really was no emotion, it was ‘I’m not doing it,'” Allen said. “I'm not doing it. I just came off my best season, so it’s not happening.”

Allen is in the last year of his current contract and said he envisions being in Chicago beyond this season, but has no timetable in mind for working out a new deal. His immediate concern is familiarizing himself with an offense he thinks can be "pretty special" with him and DJ Moore at receiver. The identity of the quarterback throwing them passes isn't set in stone, but most believe it will be Caleb Williams after the Bears take him first overall.

Allen said his experience with Justin Herbert makes him comfortable playing with a rookie quarterback and the veteran wideout's presence will make life easier for any quarterback in Chicago this season.