Julian Edelman has hilarious response to this wild Cooper Kupp story

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp appeared on Julian Edelman’s “Games with Names” podcast earlier this week.

He talked about how football movements were such second-nature to him to the point where they were impacting his personal life. It’s a hilarious back-and-forth between the two receivers that started with Kupp saying he’s so locked in that he runs routes while daydreaming next to his wife.

“My wife’s laying on me. I’m daydreaming or something like that,” said Kupp. “She can get like, boom! Her head’s popping off my shoulder. It’s a problem. We’ve had to figure out how to balance those things a little bit so we’re not hurting each other.”

When Edelman was asked if he’s had similar issues, he had a hilarious response.

“Well, I never had a wife, so,” said Edelman.


It just goes to show that football is always on the mind of those who play it at the highest level, even in the most unexpected situations.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire