Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers not selected as Robert Kennedy Jr.'s running mate

Aaron Rodgers won’t be on a 2024 presidential ticket after all.

While it was previously reported by The New York Times that Rodgers had been approached by independent candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. to be his running mate, Kennedy announced that Nicole Shanahan will join him on the ticket during an event in California on Tuesday.

Given that Tuesday's event was in Oakland, Calif. and Rodgers grew up in Northern California, there was initially a thought that Rodgers could be the pick, but recent reports indicated that Shanahan, who was born in Oakland, would be the choice.

Per the New York Times report from mid-March, Kennedy and Rodgers had spoken “pretty continuously” over the previous month, with former pro wrestler and Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura and Rodgers both at the top of Kennedy’s list of candidates.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh recently told reporters at the annual league meeting in Orlando, Fla. that the team is expecting Rodgers to be ready for spring workouts.

The two-time MVP is coming off of a torn Achilles suffered in the Jets’ 2023 season opener against Buffalo. To give Rodgers some more help this season, the Jets revamped their offensive line by adding tackles Tyron Smith and Morgan Moses, and also gave the quarterback another big-time weapon in Mike Williams.