Jets' C.J. Mosley on QB Zach Wilson: 'Everybody in the building has his back'

Zach Wilson scrambles Week 8, solo, black jersey
Zach Wilson scrambles Week 8, solo, black jersey

Jets second-year quarterback Zach Wilson had his struggles on Sunday in the team's Week 8 loss to the division rival New England Patriots. The former No. 2 overall pick threw three interceptions in the loss and said afterwards that he knows he has to play better if the Jets are going to continue their unexpected success and make the playoffs.

While Wilson has begun to hear it from critics, his teammates believe he can step up and help them continue to win games. Veteran linebacker C.J. Mosley spoke to reporters Monday, and made it clear the team believes in Wilson as the QB.

"Right after the game, no not really," Mosley said when asked if he spoke to Wilson. "Everybody handles their losses the way they do, handle the way they play the game. He always owns up to his mistakes, he's owned up to everything that he does. When he does talk to us, when we do say what's up to each other in the building, he's always saying that he has to do better. He's an NFL player man, he knows exactly what's going on. He knows what winning football looks like and he knows what losing football looks like.

"When it comes to making sure his head in the right place or having his back, everybody in the building has his back. Everybody knows what he's capable of and he knows what he's capable of. So it's our job as a defense to get off the field, get them good field position, get turnovers, score points. And it's the offense's job to protect him, catch the ball, run the ball, all those things, everything works together. That's what we want to do here, play good complimentary football and win games together because we all are going to need each other at some point this season."

Mosley was then asked if there's less patience among teammates when Wilson isn't playing his best because he is no longer a rookie.

"I don't think so," Mosley said. "When he is out there, Zach is out there trying to make a play, getting out of the pocket, spinning, stopping, doing all kinds of things. Whether it comes with time on task, whether it comes with working drills, whatever the case might be for the offensive side. I feel that, at least from my opinion, that we're not really stressed about that.

"Like I said earlier, he knows what winning football looks like and he knows what losing football looks like, and we all do. The number one thing is to protect the ball, so that's just what we have to do."

Tight end C.J. Uzomah caught just one pass from Wilson in the 22-17 loss to the Patriots, and said Monday that the entire offense needs to step up and own their mistakes, not just the person under center.

“Everything’s always going to come back on the quarterback and he is the one who has to bear the burden of miscues as an offense, as a whole, always," Uzomah said. "And it’s our job to make sure he knows it’s not a one-man game, it’s not a one-man team. It’s we, as a unit, who left plays out there, not just him."