Is Jesús Aguilar’s recent production a sign of things to come?

Yahoo Sports' Scott Pianowski and Fred Zinkie discuss Marlins 1B Jesús Aguilar’s recent production and what his value is going forward. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Basketball Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Jesús Aguilar, just a couple years ago, had a really great season with Milwaukee and then fell apart the following year. He's bounced around. Seems like he has a job in Miami now. And he's hitting over .300. He's already hit four home runs for a team that's played a limited schedule.

And I think people have been slow to him in Yahoo again, maybe, because the Marlins weren't playing and when a team isn't on the field, you're not going to be picking up their guys. But he's just 12% rostered in Yahoo. I think this is a moment-- there's an opportunity here for a lot of people to go grab some Aguilar.

FRED ZINKIE: I totally agree. Aguilar is someone who I drafted, actually, on probably about half of the teams I drafted this year. And I-- just late rounds, you know, not-- it was just the general theory of, he was so effective in 2018. Did those skills really totally disappear in 2019, or, with full-time playing time, could they come back?

I'm-- I still have him in some spots, but I'm disappointed to say, in some spots, I just couldn't hold him during the Marlins layoff. You know, I needed the b-- I needed the roster spot. And then, obviously, he comes back. He hits home runs. In FAAB bidding, he goes for a lot.

Think he's a great example of the cheap bounce-back. You know, we're always looking at the stars coming off the down seasons. But he's kind of in the middle of his career, and he was so cheap, like, you were getting him in round 20-something, even in the 15-team leagues. Sometimes he was a bench player, even, in a 15-team league. Why not take the shot on someone just-- and it was-- it's just a-- it was a one-year downturn.