Jerod Mayo: I kind of misspoke when I said we'll "burn some cash" this offseason

In an interview shortly after he was hired as the Patriots head coach in January, Jerod Mayo referenced the team having a lot of cap space in 2024 by saying that they will "burn some cash" in order to upgrade the talent on the roster.

Mayo's comments came before the NFL set a higher salary cap than anyone expected for the coming season, but the coach sent a different message this week about how the Patriots are going to attack the offseason. In an interview with Karen Guregian of, Mayo hedged on just how much cash the team will be burning once the league year is underway.

“You know, I kind of misspoke when I said ‘burn some cash’ but I was excited when you see those numbers,” Mayo said. “But when you reflect on those numbers . . . you don’t have to spend all of it in one year. This is going to be a process. So I don’t want people to think, 'you got 60 million dollars, 70 million, whatever, so let's get this guy, that guy, that guy' . . . it may work for a couple games, or maybe a season, but it won’t work long term."

Revisiting his earlier comments about spending will lead to some recalibration of expectations in New England about what the Patriots will be doing this offseason and that also sets up a recalibration of the expectations for Mayo's first season on the sideline, but the latter could change again once more is known about the full makeup of the Patriots roster.