Jason Kelce Told His Wife 'Make Me A Sandwich' After Harrison Butker's Graduation Speech

Jason Kelce (left) and Harrison Butker (right)
Jason Kelce (left) and Harrison Butker (right)

NFL player Jason Kelce spoke out about Harrison Butker's commencement speech, revealing that his wife, Kylie, was "a little bit frustrated" with Butker's comments.

The Kansas City Chiefs kicker delivered a graduation speech earlier this month, where he spoke out about his views on gender roles, politics, and the LGBTQ community.

Many stars, including Butker's teammates Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, have come forward after hearing the speech.

Harrison Butker Claims His Wife's Vocation Is To Be A 'Homemaker'

Harrison Butker kicking the football

When addressing the women in the graduating class, Butker brought up his wife, who "would be the first to say that her life truly started when she began living her vocation as a wife and as a mother."

"I'm beyond blessed with the many talents God has given me, but it cannot be overstated that all of my success is made possible because a girl I met in band class back in middle school would convert to the faith, become my wife, and embrace one of the most important titles of all: homemaker," he said, which has caused backlash from many across the nation.

What Did Jason Kelce Say To His Wife After Hearing Harrison Butker's Speech?

Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce posing in formal attire
Instagram | Kylie Kelce

After hearing what Butker had to say, many women have come forward, slamming the NFL star and voicing their frustrations, including Kylie Kelce, wife of former Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce.

“Obviously, my wife — she was, I think, a little bit frustrated by some of the comments,” Jason said on his “New Heights” podcast, but in true Kelce fashion, he then said, “I said, ‘Listen, you’re gonna need to go back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. [There’s] a game right now.’”

Travis, who co-hosts the podcast with Jason, then completely lost it, laughing and hiding his face in his baseball cap.

Jason Kelce Says 'A Lot' Of What Harrison Butker Said Does Not Align With His Views

Jason Kelce at 2021 NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

But in more seriousness, Jason said “A lot of the things he said in his commencement speech are not things that I align myself with, but he was giving a commencement speech at a Catholic university and — shocker — it ended up being a very religious and Catholic speech."

“To me, I can listen to someone talk and take great value in it," Jason added. “Like, when he’s talking about the importance of family and the importance that a great mother can make … [I] can also acknowledge that not everybody has to be a homemaker if that’s not what they want to do in their life,” Jason explained. “When you’re listening to somebody you take in things that you like [and] you listen to other things and say, ‘I don’t f-cking like that.’”

The former NFL star said he doesn't think "we have enough people talking about the foundations of families and the importance and the seriousness of parenthood."

"If you are going to embark on being a parent, I do think it needs to be the most important thing in your life. If your kids are not the most important thing in you and your wife’s life, you are failing, in my opinion," he continued on his podcast.

Jason Kelce Is Standing Up For His Daughters

Jason Kelce and his daughters
Instagram | Kylie Kelce

Jason, who shares his three daughters with his wife, then stood up for his girls, telling his brother and listeners,  “If my daughters listen to anybody tell them what to do [and] that they should be homemakers, then I’ve failed as a dad."

"What the f-ck are you talking about? I don’t care who’s talking to them. If you let somebody up on a stage tell you that you can’t do that, then [think], ‘Well, f-ck, I guess I can’t be a Fortune 500 CEO,’ like, you aren’t gonna make it," he continued. "If you don’t like what somebody says all you gotta say is, ‘That guy’s a f—king idiot,’ and then you move on.”

Kylie Kelce Seemingly Takes A Jab At Harrison Butker

Jason and Kylie Kelce
Instagram | Kylie Kelce

A few days after Harrison Butker delivered his controversial graduation speech, Kylie Kelce gave a commencement speech at her alma mater, Cabrini University.

She acknowledged that many graduates may be asking themselves, "What's next?"

“‘I don’t know’ can be an honest and sufficient answer,” she said. “The truth is that no one has their lives completely figured out. And if someone tells you otherwise, they are lying.”

Kelce then encouraged the students to stay true to themselves. “One of the most obvious forms of beauty in society is being unique. What a boring world it would be if you and your classmates sitting to either side of you thought exactly the same way, enjoyed exactly the same things, and participated in exactly the same activities.”