When will the Jaguars offer Trevor Lawrence a contract extension? | Exempt List

Yahoo Sports NFL writer Charles McDonald is joined by Jaguars beat reporter John Shipley to analyze the Jaguars' potential timeline for extending their star QB's contract, and how this decision could impact the broader landscape of quarterbacks in the NFL. Hear the full conversation on “The Exempt List with Charles McDonald” - part of the “Zero Blitz” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

How long do you think it's gonna take for Trevor Lawrence's contract to happen?

I think it's gonna be before Trey camp.


Like, kind of like maybe the title of like Justin Herbert when he got paid, like, just a little bit before, like they open up for camp because I mean, it, it is at the point where like they're openly talking in press conferences like chip bulky is like, yeah, the owner Sean K is involved.

I don't think Sean Kong gets involved in like, anything football wise until it's like at the two yard line.

So I wouldn't, I wouldn't imagine it's gonna be a, a anything too long and like, it just, it doesn't make sense for them to do him because like, like we said earlier, you're gonna not not pay him right?

Like you're gonna pay him regardless.

So you either pay him now or pay him next year with the prices going up with like, e even, even if he had a bad season this year, the price would still be going up just because of, I mean, Jared Goff just not paying $53 billion a year.

Like just had a quarterback work at work.

So I, I think before training can't make sense, but they don't really need rush it to do it beforehand.

I, I, I've seen people say like, why not do it now?

So you can get some cap space inside and I can bet you an edge, like, do they have like 30 million of cap space?

They're just like choosing not to use it?

Like Jared Goff is actually on the average per year.

He's got a higher number of Lamar Jackson for, for Trevor.

Like, dude, if you're looking at Jared Goff contract and Jalen hurts steel, I mean, why wouldn't you think that you could be like the highest paid quarterback in the league if you can get close?

Would you be shocked if like we got out of this as a chef or like tweet?

Like he's getting 60 million per year.

I'm not gonna say he deserves it because I don't know if anybody but like three quarterbacks deserve that much.

But could you, like, see it like trending like that way?

Just how some of these quarterback contracts have been lately?

I, I don't think he signed it for less than that.

I it's gonna be a bad day.

Like I've, I've already said like once he saw I'm gonna do my story.

Close, my laptop.


The lawn.

People are just too low on Trevor, way too low on Trevor.

I think I was like, contestant's opinion and I also don't blame people for, like, not watching Jaguars game.

I watch them.

I have to, I, I, at one point, like, they, they, they don't, they don't come on TV, for the rest of us.

Like, you really have to go out of your way to find the Jaguars game.

If you don't live in Florida, they broke like decade long streaks of not being on Monday night and Sunday night football last year.

So that's like a whole decade of not being on prime time, the whole generation.

And then they lost both games.

Had the quarterback basically die on the feel that one of them.

I like, it might just be a thing they're not built for, like you said, I, people just don't watch Jaguars football and they shouldn't like the, the Jaguars like nine and 89 and eight relatively last year.

The worst collapse in football was one of their better seasons.