J.J. Watt sees both sides of Steelers trading QB Kenny Pickett

It came as a huge surprise when the Pittsburgh Steelers traded quarterback Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles just days after news came out that the Steelers were signing Russell Wilson and it was rumored there would be a quarterback competition.

However, it came out after that Pickett was the one who initiated the trade and was hoping to land somewhere with an opportunity to start but frankly, his situation now is much worse behind Jalen Hurts.

Former NFL star J.J. Watt was on the Pat McAfee Show and talked about the Pickett situation. He offered an interesting perspective about it and noted he could see both sides of it.

“I’m sure he is frustrated. I’m sure he feels like he never got the full proper opportunity to show his potential and develop, which is a thing that’s happening in this league. We are not giving guys time to develop, grow and fight through adversity and come out the other side, because it’s such a win-now world that we live in. So, I don’t blame him at all for wanting an opportunity to compete somewhere or go somewhere and try something new. When you bring in a guy and say he’s automatically the starter and you don’t even get a chance, I get it. I completely understand his side. But at the same time, I don’t blame the Steelers at all. When an opportunity presents itself like that, a minimum contract for a guy that’s won a Super Bowl, you’ve got to take it.”

Watt has a vested interest in the Steelers with little brother T.J. the biggest star on defense. Regardless of what he says about Pickett, he knows his little brother is the best defensive player in the league but has never won a playoff game and he wants that to end this season. Wilson gives the Steelers a much better chance to break that losing streak.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire