'Inch by inch, we did it' - what Emery said

Unai Emery
[Getty Images]

Aston Villa boss Unai Emery to Sky Sports: "We are very proud of the season. It is not enough at the moment to get fourth. We are going to prepare for the match on Sunday against Crystal Palace. Even after we scored the two goals we had chances. We are celebrating the season here with our supporters in Villa Park.

"We are only thinking of us. We will prepare for our match on Sunday - everything is in our hands.

"Jhon Duran is a special player. We have to try to help him. He is a good guy and he needs a team behind him. He is getting our demands better. He was very clinical and today was important for him.

"We are celebrating with our supporters. We have to push it and keep working and be consistent. We were consistent all the season. The team was being mature and always consistent in our mind. Inch by inch, we did it."