Improve your roster with these fantasy baseball pickups!

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Andy Behrens offers a pair of players who managers should target on waivers including a 'legit talent' in St. Louis.

Video Transcript

Surely your Yahoo Fantasy baseball roster could use something.

Some kind of pick me up.

I want to start with Alec Burleson of the Cardinals.

Um ok, so fine, the Cardinals lineup is not exactly a, a fantasy rich environment at the moment, but Burleson has done his part.

First of all, he's eligible at first base and in the outfield.

So that helps.

Um secondly, he's hitting for average, he's hitting 301 right now.

Um He, he's got five home runs and a 20 homer pace or thereabouts is about right for him.

The last time we saw him play a full minor league season, he hit 331 at AAA Memphis.

He hit 20 homers that year.

He's good.

This is a serious bat.

Um Everything that he's doing right now is sustainable if you look uh at the, at the under the hood numbers, right.

We look at the stats page.

It's all red.

If you like exit velocity, he's got it hard hit rate, he's got it.

This is a legit talent, um, a real building block for the Cardinals and he's available in about 75% of Yahoo Leagues right now.

And then if you need pitching help, let's look at Rhys Olson, he probably shouldn't be eligible for this segment.

But, um, he was mass dropped this week because he took a, he took a comebacker off the hip.

People worried he was gonna be injured but he's escaped that issue with seemingly only a bruise.

He's been so good this year.


He's winless on the season.

But that, that's a, that's a Tigers run support problem.

That is not a Rhys Olson problem right now.

He's got a 216 earned run average.

He's got a whip of 1.06.

The guy strikes out basically a batter an inning.

So that's everything we look for in fantasy.

He's going, you know, six innings a start.

So he should eventually pile up wins even if the Tigers disappoint us.

Uh, Rhys Olsen should not be as widely available as he is, but, but he's out there in nearly 60% of Yahoo Leagues.