Hawks nab No. 1 pick in Draft Lottery, projected to take Alex Sarr

Yahoo Sports NBA draft analyst Krysten Peek reacts to the Atlanta Hawks overcoming a 3% chance to claim the top overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft along with offering her latest mock draft with Alex Sarr going No. 1 overall.

Video Transcript

The NBA draft order is set and it's the Atlanta Hawks who received the number one pick for the first time in franchise history after entering the lottery with only a 3% chance at the top spot.

The San Antonio Spurs also snuck into the top five and will have two lottery picks picking first at number four and then again at number eight with the lottery.

Now squared away, let's take a look at the updated top five in Yahoo sports' latest mock draft at number one.

Heading to the Hawks is 7 ft one.

French center, Alex Sarr, he played one season for the Perth Wildcats in Australia's NBL prior to declaring for the draft and has the skills teams covered as the new hybrid center in the NBA.

If Trey Young does stay in Atlanta, SAR could be the dream pairing for the point guard with how well he runs the floor and he can anchor the defense with his rim protection at number two to the Washington.

Wizards is 6 ft nine, French ring, Zachary Richer.

The Wizards had success in drafting Bal Coulibaly last year and Rico is another perimeter player who is always tasked with guarding opposing team's best players and is one of the best catch and shoot wings in the draft.

The Houston Rockets landed at number three and a good option for them is 7 ft two center out of uconn Donovan Clayen.

The Rockets have heavily invested in guard play the last few years with Jalen Green and Amend Thompson and could be looking to add size in the lane, especially going up against the talented centers in the Western conference.

At number four is the San Antonio Spurs who will most likely be looking to add some playmaking alongside Victor Wemba.


Serbian point guard Nicola topic is one of the best passers in this draft class and has great size at 6 ft six and finally rounding out the top five is the Detroit Pistons in a draft that is considered wide open.

There are still good options for the Pistons as they rebuild.

And with the fifth pick 6 ft nine forward, Matis Basilus has a size to defend multiple positions and he can play well in space with his evolving shot creation.

The NBA draft combine is taking place all week here in Chicago and the NBA draft will be June 26th and 27th in New York and for continual draft coverage in all NBA news, keep it right here on Yahoo Sports