Greg Schiano responds to the ESPN report about Michigan sign stealing

On Wednesday, Rutgers football head coach Greg Schiano was asked about claims that his team allegedly shared information about Michigan football’s play-calling signals.

According to a report on Thursday from ESPN, several Big Ten programs shared its signals. Rutgers is listed among those programs along with Ohio State and Purdue also being involved

In particular, Rutgers had passed along the Michigan defensive signals to Purdue, per the ESPN report.

The information, the report said, was shared last year with Purdue following their Big Ten Championship Game match-up against Michigan.

Schiano was asked about the report on Wednesday.

“I’m getting ready to play the twenty-second ranked team in the country at their place. They are 12-3, I think, in their last 15 games. They are 15-1 in the month of November,” Schiano said.

“I’m very confident in the way we handle our business. I’m not going to get into specifics that are not my issue. This is not my issue. I’ll let the people handle it whose issue it is.”

Michigan has been embroiled in a sign-stealing scandal involving Connor Stallions, who was on the Wolverines’ staff until resigning this week.

Schiano was asked a follow-up question about if he was contacted by the Big Ten about the report.

“Again, I’m sticking to one thing, Iowa. I gave you my feelings on the whole subject,” Schiano said.

“I’m a little bit ticked off that we have to talk about this, this isn’t our problem.”

Story originally appeared on Rutgers Wire