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Word on the street when Tiger Woods fired his first caddie, Mike "Fluff" Cowan back in 1999, was that he let him go because he was talking a little too much for Tiger's liking. For Sean Foley's sake, hopefully the same rules don't apply to swing instructors, because Foley lashed out at Bubba Watson for comments he made about Tiger last week.

As you may remember, Bubba said he felt Tiger had become too technical, saying, "I think Tiger is going the wrong way. I think he's so mental right now with his swing. Just go out there and play golf. He used to hit shots, used to bomb it, used to do all that stuff."

Foley, obviously critical of anyone questioning Tiger's approach to the golf swing, told Off the Ball that he thinks people shouldn't talk about someone who has won as much as Tiger has.

"He has the right to his own opinion but you probably shouldn't make comments about a guy who has won 69 more times than you and you are virtually the same age. You know what I mean?"

Foley said the comments didn't anger him, but that didn't stop him from continuing on about Watson.

"I wouldn't say angry. I would just say, bud, you won three times the last 10 months, I am really pleased for you. You have worked hard and I think it is a great thing that you are playing so well. But why do you feel the need that you have to get the attention? What's the use in making that comment?

"Let the guy do what he's doing and you do what you're doing and it will be fine. There is absolutely zero need for him to make that comment. But you know, Bubba loves the camera anyway so, I mean, whatever."

Hum. It sure seems like Foley was angered by the comments, or he wouldn't have said anything in the first place. As for Tiger, he said he hasn't talked to Bubba about the comments but he will, which I guess can only be taken at face value for now.

Listen, I'm a Bubba fan and always will be, so maybe my views are skewed, but it just seemed like Watson was making a point and wasn't trying to be rude or critical. And to pile on that, doesn't everyone agree that Tiger has become a little too mechanical with this whole thing? It seems he's been tweaking his golf swing over and over when it worked fine to begin with, and now he's carrying a camera with him on the golf course.

I understand why Foley would be upset, but I don't think you can fault Watson for speaking his mind. As with everything else, all of this stuff will be snuffed out when Woods finally breaks though and wins again.

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