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Michael Jordan’s golf bag is six times more awesome than ordinary golf bagsCheck out this slice of golf awesomeness: a six-ring golf bag. And there's only one man whom this could belong to: Michael Jordan himself.

(Well, three men, actually, but we're pretty sure this doesn't belong to Scottie Pippen or Phil Jackson.)

Where do we even begin with this? You think those rings are real gold, or at least some gold knockoff? I think it's at least possible. This is one cassette player away from the Al Czervik "Caddyshack" special, and I'm not doubting the possibility that there's a Blu-Ray player and a local wi-fi network tucked in behind those rings.

The bigger issue is, why do something like this at all? I mean, it's not like people are going to forget that Michael Jordan is the guy who won six world championships with the Chicago Bulls. Will Perdue, sure, I could see him doing this. Dennis Rodman probably has images of his rings tattooed somewhere. But Jordan? Dude, you're so iconic you've got your own icon! It's right there above the rings! (Symbolism, anyone?)

Anyway, it's MJ, and he can do whatever he wants. And these days, he wants to spend a lot of time on the golf course. Whether it's hustling patrons at a celebrity pro-am or serving as a vice-captain on the United States' Presidents Cup team or advising Tiger Woods on how to get his mojo back, Jordan is all over the golf course these days.

And he's going to make damn sure you don't grab his bag by mistake.

[Photo via Terez Owens.]

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