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Say this for Greg Norman: The man doesn't give up.

Just six months after his divorce from Chris Evert, and after a divorce from his first wife that reportedly cost $103 million in the settlement, Norman announced that he's getting married once again.

According to the Daily Mail, the 55-year-old Shark is now engaged to Kirsten Kutner, a 41-year-old Australian interior designer. (No, he didn't propose to Martina Navratilova, though that would've been funny for so many reasons.)

So how'd Norman open negotiations? With a measly six-carat diamond ring. Not bad. But then, Norman knows how to blow it out; in addition to his nine-figure divorce settlement above for 25 years of marriage to first wife Laura, he also threw a $2 million-plus Bahamas wedding with Evert, and that marriage went south after just 15 months.

There's a dispute over why exactly things fell apart with Evert, and since it's marital brawling, you'd have a better chance of seeing Norman close out Augusta than get the true story. Regardless, we wish the happy couple all the good in the world. And, for the Shark's sake, we expect there'll be a bulletproof prenup.

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