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End of days: Phil Mickelson gives the belly putter a whirl

Oh, Phil. You too?

The big news out of the Deutsche Bank pro-am on Thursday was this: Phil Mickelson is experimenting with a belly putter. No fooling.

Blame Keegan Bradley, pictured above playing with Phil last week at The Barclays. Bradley has had significant success in recent weeks with the long putter, as you may have heard. Combine that with the fact that Phil's once-steady putting stroke has flown the proverbial green, and you're looking at a guy seeking steadiness wherever he can find it.

It's understandable, yes, but still shocking; Mickelson has always seemed to be a guy who was good enough to avoid chasing the latest fads, but as he makes the turn on his golf career, perhaps he's looking for whatever advantage he can find.

And as for those putters? If Mickelson does begin adopting them, it'd end their stigma once and for all. Unfortunately.

Dogs That Chase Cars has a eulogy for days gone by: "This is the death of the old schoolers, and somewhere, Ben Hogan is rolling around in his grave. Can someone please make these long putters illegal before it's too late!?"

Hmm. With Phil on board, shoving the long putters out the door just got that much tougher.

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