Gary Payton II perfectly describes guarding Steph Curry in Warriors practice

GP2 uses perfect word to describe guarding Steph in practice originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Defending Steph Curry is one of the most difficult assignments in the NBA, and no one knows that better than his own Warriors teammates.

Even with as good of a defender as a guy like Gary Payton II is, he knows the challenge that lies ahead when guarding his superstar teammate in Warriors practice.

For the many defenders who have done their best to limit Curry on the floor, Payton II summarized the strenuous task perfectly.

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"It's heartbreaking,” Payton II explained on 95.7 The Game’s “Willard and Dibs” on Wednesday. “You think you've done everything and he gets a little gap and that's all he needs. It's definitely helped my game guarding other players, but he's one of a kind."

In Steve Kerr's system, Curry never stops moving without the ball. The non-stop screen setting and cutting would tire any defender out.

And as Payton II mentioned, if you fall behind for just a split second, Curry's already halfway down the court turned around celebrating a made triple.

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It's a tireless effort that even the greatest defenders struggle with, but hopefully for Payton II and the Warriors, Curry can break several other people's hearts as the defending champions fight for their fifth title in nine years.

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