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If you’re a USA Triathlon member, then you’re probably used to getting a welcome packet in the mail with your member card, a handy folder of info, and discounts that come with being a USAT member. You throw out some of the paper, keep some of it, and lose the rest.

Well, all of this info is now in the new USAT member hub--which, yes, they launched back in the fall, but I only just got around to setting up my account. Not only were there bunch of discounts in there (including your personal code to your free Triathlete print + digital membership), but there’s also all the other triathlon stuff you need, like upcoming races and common rule violations.

First: Go to and create an account using the email you signed up for a USAT membership with.

Second: On the far right of the dashboard (or under the settings icon on the left), you’ll find “Exclusive Partner Discounts.” Click on: View All.

There are many discounts under this section. Like many many. Most are simple percentages off things like Zoot or Rudy Project. But you’ll also find your personal code for a FREE Triathlete membership. (The code shown here is not a real code, sorry.)

Third: Use your personal code to claim your free Triathlete print + digital membership--which gives you all six Triathlete issues, plus all our exclusive member content online, access to our Team Triathlete group, and other Triathlete member perks.

Copy this code, go to our Triathlete membership sign-up and pick “Triathlete” as your membership. If you pick our premium Outside+ membership instead, you will only get $49 off the total price.

Outside+ comes with access to all of our partner brands (VeloNews, Backpacker, Yoga Journal, Outside Magazine) and an additional magazine subscription, a FinisherPix photo package annually, access to all the archived Outside Watch shows (like the Ironman 70.3 broadcasts), a credit to the Outside Shop, and discounts on TriReg events. It’s a great deal. I’m just warning you, so you don’t yell at me later: The Triathlete membership is FREE with your USAT code; the Outside+ membership will only be discounted to $50.

Fourth: Create an account with our parent company (Outside Interactive!) and then click “Promo,” paste in your code and press “Apply.” The cart should then say $0.

You will still be asked to enter a credit card, but you will not be charged. If you are charged, email Your credit card will only be used if you are not still a USAT member when your annual account goes to renew. You will be notified before that and you can, of course, cancel at any time before that. But you won’t want to because we’re awesome.

Fifth: ENJOY!

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