Florida makes, the NFL takes: Sunshine State had most 2024 NFL draft picks

How about them apples for the ‘Sunshine State’? Over the weekend, 30 former high school football players from Florida were taken in the NFL draft. It was the highest production of NFL draft talent from any state.

There are plenty of reasons why Florida is so prolific in producing Power Five talent and NFL draft picks. The third most-populated state in the nation, Florida continues to grow and add population.

The climate is conducive to year-round training which also leads to a very strong 7-on-7 culture during the spring and the summer, further developing players. The popularity of track as well gives Florida an inside track (pardon the pun) on developing unique athletes for the NFL.

College coaches know that there is speed, and then there is Florida speed.

Texas had 24 NFL draft picks followed by Georgia with 23.

The first pick in the draft, Caleb Williams, was one of four selections from Washington, D.C. The last pick of the draft, Jaylen Key is fittingly from Florida. He played his college football at Alabama.

The three-day NFL draft was held this year in Detroit, Michigan. Seven total selections from Michigan were taken in the draft this year.

Story originally appeared on High School Sports