FIFA’s defiance of social justice expression overshadows World Cup play I The Rush

Monday Night Football took place in Mexico where the San Francisco 49ers easily handled the Arizona Cardinals. Over in Group B of the World Cup, the US Men’s National Team could only draw with Wales and England routed Iran 6-2. Amid the World Cup games on Monday, Iranian fans protested for women’s rights in the stands while FIFA threatened yellow cards for any player planning to wear inclusive ‘One Love’ armbands.

Video Transcript


JARED QUAY: Football spanned the globe on Monday, with the 49ers and Cardinals playing in Mexico. And of course, football was in full force in Qatar for the World Cup. Group B kicked off with England crushing Iran 6 to 2. The Three Lions haven't won a World Cup since 1966. So you can imagine England fans were pleased as punch for the victory.


Group B's other games saw the United States take on Wales in a much more competitive match. US winger, Tim Weah did something no American male has done in the last eight years. He scored a goal in the World Cup, putting the US ahead in the 36th minute.

- Hell yeah!

JARED QUAY: Unfortunately for the States, Gareth Bale absolutely [? buried ?] a penalty kick late in the match, to salvage the draw for Wales.

- [WHINES] Damn it!

JARED QUAY: The US's next match comes on Friday, against our former mother, England. So buckle up! The on-field action has been fun. But the off-field tensions have been intense, to say the least.

GONZO: Do tell.

JARED QUAY: Much of the world has stood in solidarity with Iran, as citizens protest for women's rights, and against the current regime. And in Iran's match with England, Iran's fans in the stadium let their feelings be known. The players are also trying to take a stand for social justice.

- I love this.

JARED QUAY: The captains of several European nations wanted to wear One Love armbands, signifying unity with all heritages, backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations, while opposing discrimination. But FIFA threatened to issue yellow cards to anyone wearing the band.

- Are you [BLEEP] kidding me?

JARED QUAY: I wish I could say I was. But props to the players for trying, and to BBC presenter, Alex Scott, for actually doing it. It's time for FIFA to drag itself to the 21st century, regardless of where the World Cup is being played.