Fantasy Football Week 2 - Active/Inactives

Who's in, who's out in Week 2? Fantasy Football Live gets you ready for this week with the latest injury news.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: This is Fantasy Football Live. I'm Andy Behrens joined, as always by, receiving thought leader Matt Harmon and by DFS Shark Tank Williams. For the next hour, we're going to do all we can to tighten up your lineups and set you up for success. But first things first, we got to talk injuries.

There's a million of them. We're going to start with the bad news. Colts receiver Michael Pittman will not be in there against Jacksonville today. He was ruled out yesterday with a quad injury suffered earlier this week in practice.

The Ravens are going to wait another week on JK Dobbins. He's still recovering from last year's ACL injury. Alvin Kamara not going to go today for the Saints. He missed practice this week with a rib injury. And, of course, the pain continues with George Kittle. He is likely to miss another week for the 49ers. Not looking good there.

But in better news, D'Andre Swift, active for the Lions in week two. He's coming off a 26-point fantasy performance. That's pretty good. But Ian Rapoport reporting that there may be some caution with that ankle injury today and perhaps moving forward.

Mike Evans, he's active for Tampa Bay. He had missed some practice time this week with a calf injury. Allen Lazard, he should make his season debut for the Packers tonight against Chicago. That's right, the Chicago Bears, back in prime time.

Everybody wanted it. Lazard missed the opener with an ankle injury that he'd suffered in camp. And finally something to keep an eye on, Gabe Davis added to the injury report this week for Buffalo.

He is questionable Monday night against Tennessee. I guess I'll start with Gabe Davis. Matt Harmon, what do we do in there for a pivot if you've been depending on Gabe Davis this season and all of a sudden he can't go?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, well, straight up, I don't think you can risk taking the zero. So I think you have to have an alternative in that Monday night game. Luckily, we've got a couple of Monday night games as well to kind of lean back on here. Which, it's a little too early for two Monday Tonight games, by the way, but that's a topic for another time. I actually personally have Gabe Davis on my Scott fishbowl roster.

So I'm sitting here making this debate with myself. I picked up Zack Moss off the waiver wire and I was like, all right, if it comes down to it, I guess I can throw Zack Moss in there. I think you need to have an alternative in those two games. If you do not, if you don't, I think you have to play somebody else ahead of Gabe Davis, because you just can't risk taking the 0 there.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, and as you say, with the Zack Moss recommendation, you probably want to throw Gabe Davis into a flex spot right now, if you can, if you have to lean on him. Tank, let me go to you about the Michael Pittman situation. So he's out. Is there another Colts receiver that we should even consider? Is there another that we can even name?

TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah, there's a couple that we can name and there's a couple that really haven't touched the field in a while, at least one in particular, and we'll get to that a little bit later. But yeah, it's a shame, Michael Pittman is going to be out. Alec Pierce, the young, promising wide receiver that they drafted this year, he's also going to be out. So then you look st the guys like Ashton Dulin, and you look to Parris Campbell, guys who they've tried to depend on in prior years.

I feel like they will be guys that get targets for the Colts. At the same time, man, they're going to lean heavily on Jonathan Taylor. But one guy you need to keep your eye on is someone that you and Harmon mentioned last week, Mo Alie-Cox. The Jacksonville Jaguars are a little bit friendly against the tight end and so I would expect Mo Alie-Cox to be heavily involved in the pass game today.